Twitch Auto-Ad (TAD)

Twitch Auto-Ad (TAD) is a simple web application that allows Twitch streamer to automatically launch commercials at custom intervals of time.

TAD relies on the Twitch APIs in order to log you in and launch commercials.

How to use TAD

Simply click on the launch button in the homepage.

Configure your commercial parameters (intervals, loop and duration) and start the applications.

Intervals are userful in order to set up your commercial. For instance, if you set the intervals as 10,20,30 the application will launch a commercial after 10 minutes, another after 20 and another after 30.

If loop is selected, once the intervals are finished (after 50 minutes in our example), the app will start over again (and again, and again...).

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The author

I'm Enkk, an Italian PhD in Computer Science. If you have any question or request, feel free to contact me on Twitch.

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